Ottawa Tires and Rims Inc.

You will find Ottawa Tires and Rims Inc. on top of the list when you search high quality tires, rims, and wheels in Ottawa. We are an established brand serving the customers for years and have earned a brand name in the market with a positive word of mouth from our existing loyal customers. Their positive opinion about us is leading to a consistent increase in our new clients and thus we are growing with every new day. We have earned this name due to our fabulous quality of tires, rims, and wheels in the market and with no compromise on excellence. This is the reason of the trust of our valuable clients who contact us for buying value for their vehicles. Our inventory keeps a large number of tires, rims, and wheels for vehicles of all sizes and types including luxury vehicles, cars of all brands, buses, mini trucks, sports coupes, compact cars, commercial trucks, vans, sports trucks, and all other types you may have. All main manufacturers’ tires are available with us to facilitate you with what you need for your vehicle. Tires stock is for winter, summer, and all seasons in the year and we make your visit to our store optimal by providing you all at one place.

We are proud that we are using the latest technology, advanced features, and fascinating tread patterns along with superb customer services. It brings us high fame in the clients and wholesalers and they simply prefer us while buying tires for cars, buses, trucks, commercial trucks, sports cars, and off-road trucks.

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Pirelli & Dunlop

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June 2016 Deals

Deals on Winter Tires

Hard time starts when temperature in and around Ottawa starts going below zero and those who are driving on highways and far-off tracks find themselves in trouble. Reason of their trouble is that their tires stop working properly due to extremely cold weather or badly fail on account of snow.  But you can handle such tough times through proper planning and installing our strong winter tires that never fail on the way in the intense cold weather. They have been designed to bear the lowest temperatures on highways and desolate tracks and make it possible for you to keep up your travel without any hassle.

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Deals on Summer Tires

Ottawa Tires and Rims Inc. has been serving its customers with fantastic tires for summer and we are proud that we have maintained our quality over the years. We take care of our clients and their vehicles at competitive price and thus win their trust in the long run. A large number of our returning customers is the proof of their trust in us for a safe and beautiful drive in summer. They know we do not compromise on their safety and provide them the best of our stock when they want. Thus we have won this customer loyalty after a long struggle and efficiency.

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Custom Wheels

We are imagining you driving on a desolate road where you are feeling that your steering is not in your control or its steering wheels are staying to a specific side while the vehicle is running straight or its rims are not properly working. At such moments you might suspect the improper functioning of wheels but it may be the rims that are creating trouble for you. Yes, it can be dangerous for you and your vehicle both. We offer a complete solution with our racing rims and save you from any possible trouble on the way.

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